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Contest Ian Ferdinado

Posted by devilmanga su 14 ottobre 2007

(scusate.. è un post marchettaro di servizio)

Contest Rules

With the new redesign, I would like to host a contest and your chance to grab 1 of the 2 Revolution Themes for FREE by Brian Gardner. Here the rules:

  1. Write a post on your blog about my new redesign/facelift.
  2. Mention IanFernando.com and News Revolution Theme within your post.
  3. If you do not have a blog and wish to participate, subscribe to my blog to find out how you can participate.
  4. Leave a Comment on THIS post with the URL of your entry.


  1. One Revolution Theme: Personal Package | Value: $59.95
  2. One Revolution News Theme: Single-Use Package | Value: $99.95
  3. Total Value: $159.90


  1. Winner will be chosen at random. First winner will received the Revolution Theme. Second winner will received the Revolution News Theme.
  2. The winner will be sent an email with Brian Gardner CCed to ensure the delivery of the final prize to the winner.
  3. After 7 Days, comments will be closed on THIS post. Trackbacks and Pingbacks will be closed as well.

Each theme proves to be a great addition for any blogger or content site. Structural organized and simple navigation makes these 2 design revolutionary! This contest will be on going for 7 days (10-16-07 is the last day)!

(scusate ancora!)


Una Risposta to “Contest Ian Ferdinado”

  1. lezia said

    :******* infatti io nun ni capisciu nenti!!! :**********


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